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Athali Monastery

Athali Monastery is built on mountain of Athali, about 2 hours walk from Spile the center of Himara. Today’s state of the construction of the church and monastery were left half of a two storey building collapsed. The church, built in 1795, is the basilica with three naves type.

Saint Theodore Monastery

Saint Theodore Monastery was originally built in the 14th century, but was not finished until nearly 500 years later in 1860, with construction funded by contributions from other neighboring monasteries. Follow signs from the main road to Gjipe beach, a beautiful and clean beach hidden inside the narrow neck of Gjipe Canyon. Part of the […]

Monastery Of Saint Mary

One of 31 churches of Dhermi is Monastery Of Saint Mary, the church is part of the old monastery built on the highest rocky crest of Dhermi. It was painted in 1576 and it constitutes the building left from the monastery. This church is notable for the portrait of St. Kozma, on 24 August 1779. […]

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