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Porto Palermo Castle

Porto Palermo Castle is a castle near Himarë in southern Albania. It is situated in the bay of Porto Palermo, a few kilometers south of Himarë. The well preserved castle is commonly, but wrongly, asserted, by guide books and the local tourist guides, to have been built in early 19th century by Ali Pasha of […]

Himara Castle

The old village of Himara is built up on the hill of Barbakas where is the actual castle. That is a monument of a 2.500 years of human presence in the region of Himara. At medieval, byzantine-romanian times, there was a small,but powerful, town-castle in this place of Barbakas. The byzantine castle has got two […]

Borsh Castle

Castle of Borsh is a ruined castle near the village Borsh, Albania.This castle is also known as the Castle of Sopot by the name of the hill on which it is located. It was built on the fourth century BC. The castle was heavily damaged during the barbarian invasions of the fifth and sixth centuries […]

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