There are some different ways to arrive in the beautiful Himara. You can travel by bus, by car, by taxi or by ferry boat sometimes. The buses are comfort and traveling to and from Himara from different towns of Greece and Albania. The ferry boat departing is on the island Corfu and arriving in Himara in one and a half hours. For more information and better service please contact the authorised offices.

There are many places to enjoy yourself listed on our site at the moment, and we add to our listings frequently. When looking for places to have fun in the city, either use our search facility provided above, or browse through our entertainment directory. Himara affords visitors a wide range of activities to choose from, so you’re sure to find plenty of things to see and do. If you know of any great clubs, beaches, taverns, bars, attractions, beach bars, cafeterias, water sports, sports and leisure facilities or tour operators which we have overlooked please let us know, as we need your feedback to help make Himara’s Life the most comprehensive guide in English in the south Albania.

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Distances in Km from Himara

Distances in kilometers (Km) between some of the important Villages and Cities in Albania and Greece with starting point the city of Himara.
Himare Athens (via Kakavia) 587 km
Himare Thessaloniki 413 km
Himare Patras 360 km
Himare Arta 225 km
Himare Igoumenitsa 121 km
Himare Ioannina 155 km
Himare Kakavi 94 km
Himare Shkoder 293 km
Himare Tirane 275 km
Himare Vlore 73 km
Himare Sarande 54 km


Traveling by airplane to Himara can be made by three airports, which are located in two different countries, Albania and Greece. Tirana International Airport (TIA) is based on the village of Rinas around 11 Km from the capital city of Albania, which is Tirana. Corfu International Airport (CFU) is around 2.72 Km. Airport is a government-owned airport on the Greek island of Corfu or Kerkyra, serving both scheduled and charter flights from European cities. Ioannina National Airport (IOA) is an airport located four kilometers from the city center of Ioannina, Greece.
Airport Address Website
Tirana International Airport (TIA) Airport Rd Rinas, 1053, Albania Airport Website
Corfu International Airport (CFU) Kerkira 491008, Greece Airport Website
Ioannina National Airport (IOA) Dodoni 455 00, Ioannina, Greece Not Available

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