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Mount of Cika is a mountain in the south-western region of Albania bordering the Ionian Sea. Cika is  the highest peak of the Ceraunian Range, standing at 2,044m above sea level and peak of Qorrës is at 2,018m. Since the mountain is situated bordering the Ionian sea, it appears to be very high as it begins to rise at sea level (0m). The northern part of Cika is part of Llogara National Park. The port city of Vlorë is 40 km north-west of Cika. On the peaks of Cika mountain there is a magnificent view of the northern Ionian Islands as well as the Italian coast of Apulia (including Otranto). On the foot of the western side of the mountain there are small beaches which attract tourists during the summer months.


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Mount Of Cika


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  1. Hi,

    I write for an information.

    I would like reach Cika mountain. Can you give me, kindly, where the path to reach Cika mountain starts? And the number of the path?

    Thank you!


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