Today Himara celebrating the name-day of the most religious and popular monastery in Himara Region. HAPPY NAME-DAY ATHALI!!!

Location: Athali, Himare

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  • Attractions

    With its beautiful urban landscape, coastal location and with countryside, riviera and mountains all nearby, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do in and around Himara. Even after you’ve ticked off all the major tourist attractions, blown your travel budget and sampled the finest restaurants and busiest bars, Himara still has more to offer in the way of entertainment. This section is dedicated to the pursuit of leisure and fun stuff so whether you’re a beach bum, water sports guru, air sports fanatic, spa addict, health and fitness freak, adrenalin junkie or anything else, then check out what’s listed on Himara’s Life. On top of all those fun things to do, we’ve also listed some of the very best tour providers in town, and each of their websites is packed full of even more ideas for activities, excursions and day trips. Go browse!

  • Accommodation

    Looking for budget accommodation around Himara Region? If you’d like to combine your stay with tasty food, beautiful beaches, nice bars than you are in the right place. All About Himara will make your jurney much easier.

  • Beaches

    Albanian’s Riviera beaches are beautifully situated between rocks that fall in the sea. The contrast between the white sand and the clear blue seawater makes a very amazing view in every single beach. Accommodation is mainly in local family dwellings, as well as in a variety of small hotels. The people of Himara are well known for their traditional hospitality which makes Himara a great year-round destination for all sea lovers.